#Dec7Protest: Global Event List - Where can I join?


Overview Of Events And Locations Word Wide

This is an overview of events an locations world wide where you can join or follow the the global protest ageinst the family splitting policies. Barnevernet, CPS (Child Protection Service), Oranga Tamariki or what ever different names it has in defferent countries. 

Best way of connecting to the global group is through joining the Facebook group


Bulgaria will be participating in the Global protest on December 7th. Bulgaria has a larger an stronger protest than any other country participating in the joint protest. It is actually beyond the scope of this page to bring an overview of all the different locations and activities in Bulgaria. You can find information about the Bulgarian protest in there local Facebook group 


Norway so far has announced two events. Times given in the following are in local time.

Rådhusplassen, 3724 Skien, Norge
From 11 to 14 a.m.

Bergen will make a convention. Here is the Facebook group

Unfortunately there is no protest in Oslo this time. There is an attempt to arrange busses between Oslo and Skien so that people from Oslo who wants to be part of the protest can join in Skien.


Vienna (Wien)
Reisnerstraße 54-56, 1030 Wien
From 11 to 13 a.m.


Rådhuspladsen, 1599 København
From 12 to 14 a.m.


Lithuanian has taken an interesting approach to there protest. They will do a convention on the 5th of December in stead of the 7th. Then they will come to support on of the other countries in there protest on the 7th. There protest on the 5th takes the form of a convention.


Protest in Spain is taken care of by the Spanish ex- sailors that worked in Norway (ASOCIACIÓN EX-MARINOS DE NORUEGA). They protest specifically about Norway and "Barnevernet" and human rights assaults made by Norway. The Spanish ex- sailors has a Facebook page and a homepage where you can see more about there protest.


Protest on Hawaii will be fairly small. Just a few people with posters, but the plan is that some protesting will take place.

New Zealand

Last time New Zealand was protesting there was lots of people. Thousands by the look of it so we expect a fairly large protest in NZ this time too.


The protest in Germany on December 7th is just growing. From some small "maybe thing" to now announced protest in three locations. See the locations on this picture.

And here

A poster and maybe also a Facebook event/homepage is being worked at.



Switzerland has just joined the international group. They will attend the #Dec7Protest. The protest will most lightly take the forme of at meeting. More information to come.


Armenia has joint.
There protest will take place on the 6th of December since 7th was not possible in Armenia because of some national holiday.